Beaches near Lisbon

Portugal has more than 900km of coastline, with a large variety of fantastic beaches and 300 days of sun per year! This makes our beaches the perfect destination for families, friends, couples and individuals, no matter if you are a fan of nautical sports or the "dolce fare niente"!

From Lisbon you can easily reach a wide range of beaches, and for that reason we've made a list with our suggestions, tips and how to get there. Some are perfect for sunbathing and relaxing, some are ideal for surfing, some you can reach by train and walk on the promenade, some have great restaurants, other great spots for a sunset beach party. We really can say that there is a beach for everyone close to Lisbon!

1- Costa da Caparica beaches

Costa da Caparica is one of the best known and most popular beach destinations near Lisbon. With a 15km long sand-beach it’s the ideal beach to relax and enjoy. If you’re with your family and children, the best options are the beaches of São João or Rainha. They are prepared with sun loungers and parasols for rent for shade and comfort, and have the support of restaurants/bars.

If you are looking for some fun with your group of friends , we suggest the beaches Castelo or Cabana do Pescador. The beaches of Cova do Vapor, CDS or Fonte da Telha are the most sought after by surfers.

To get to these beaches, we recommend booking a transfer or renting a car.

Local Tips: Irmão Beach Bar, Leblon Beach Bar or Classico Beach Bar are excellent choices for sunsets and drinks.

2- Carcavelos & Oeiras beaches

The beaches of Carcavelos and Oeiras are the ones that are closest to Lisbon. Despite being more urban beaches, they are very popular during the bathing season, due to their proximity to Lisbon, their ease of access and the variety of bars and restaurants. For families and children, we recommend the beaches of Santo Amaro, Paço de Arcos and Torre. Carcavelos beach is more sought after among groups of friends, and mostly by surfers. Here it’s easy to park and there are plenty of choices for food and drinks.

To get there just take the train at Cais do Sodré station and leave at the desired beach. You will arrive in 20/30min. You can also book a transfer with us.

If you want to have fun and learn how to surf, we are happy to help you with booking a surf lesson!

3- Cascais & Estoril beaches

A little bit further than Carcavelos you will find Estoril and Cascais. The beaches in Estoril are great for families with children with easy access by train, parking, restaurants, long stretches of sand and a long promenade all the way to Cascais.

They are very quiet, which allows you to relax with your family without losing sight of the children. We recommend Poça, Rata and Conceição. The town of Cascais is known for its beauty, and the Marina restaurants are the ideal place to eat fresh fish and seafood. From here you can take a walk and visit Boca do Inferno.

You can take the train from Cais do Sodré station, and you will arrive in 40/50 minutes. We can also assist you with booking a private transfer for extra comfort.

4- Guincho beach

Guincho Beach is perfect for those looking for adventure! Integrated in the Sintra-Cascais Natural Park, it’s a famous destination for surfers and kite-surfers, due to its strong winds

The northern area, known as Abano, is home to the mythical Bar do Guincho, stopping here for a drink, a bite, or a complete meal is a must! Plenty of parking is available. 11km from Guincho is Ursa Beach, elected one of the most beautiful in the world by the Michelin Guide. It is the most western beach in Europe and is known for its trails.

To get to Guincho Beach, the best option is by car. We can assist you with booking a private transfer, or you can rent a car.

5- Comporta & Arrábida beaches

The beaches of Serra da Arrábida are a small paradise a small car trip away from Lisbon! The weather is fantastic, thanks to the surrounding microclimate, the water is crystal clear and the beaches are of stunning natural beauty! Figueirinha and Galapos beaches are the most suitable for families, with good access and restaurants. Access to Galapinhos is a bit more difficult, but its beauty makes up for it.

The Tróia Peninsula and the Comporta area are an oasis of luxury and leisure, where you will find all kinds of beaches, whether you go with family or friends. We highlight the beaches of Tróia-mar and Galé in Tróia, and Carvalhal, Pego and the deserted beaches in Comporta.

Given the distance and very complicated parking, we suggest renting a transfer with us, for more convenience and time saving!

6- Water sports you can try in Lisbon

With such a short distance from a considerable number of beaches and the Tagus River bathing the south side of the city, Lisboa is an amazing destiny for any water sports enthusiast.

For those who enjoy Surf, Carcavelos and Costa da Caparica are the closest, with waves for all kinds of surfers and surf schools to rent equipment or book lessons. Guincho and Ericeira are the best options for the more experienced surfers. Kitesurfers have two great spots near Lisbon. Lagoa de Albufeira is just one hour away from the city, and Fonte da Telha or Americano beaches at Costa da Caparica are half an hour away.

Other water sports you can try in the beaches close to Lisbon are, Stand-Up Paddle, Bodyboard, or even rent a Jetsky.

If you want to book Surf Lessons, you can i directly with us