Lisbon is one of the most exciting cities in the world. If sunshine, great food and welcoming locals are not enough reasons for you to start packing, then you will be happy to know that Lisbon is also a vibrant city that regularly hosts world-famous events and festivals. From culture and music, to sports and technology, you got it all in this incredible city!

The best musicians, athletes, and entrepreneurs, they all gather regularly in Lisbon, making it an obligatory stop for anyone who wants to be inspired, have fun or visit one of the trendiest cities in the world!

Below you will find our personal recommendations for the most important events and festivals you shouldn’t miss when visiting Lisbon!

Nos Alive Music Festival

The NOS Alive is an annual music and arts festival, known for being one of the best in Europe! The festival has achieved considerable popularity both inside and outside of Portugal, thanks to the several international awards it has received throughout the years, and for always having an impressive line-up! From the most important, trendiest, and emerging bands, to well-known Dj’s, you will find a bit of everything in this incredible festival.

The festival is well prepared to receive all kinds of people, from groups of friends to families with kids. It also has specific areas for pregnant people, disabled people, and a huge food court where you can rest and refill between concerts.

Local Tip: The festival takes place in Passeio Marítimo de Algés, just next to Tagus river. We recommend taking the train (10 minute trip from Cais do Sodré station).

Tickets: If you want to know more, or buy tickets, check the official website.

Santos Populares Fest

For those of you who are not familiar with Lisbon’s traditions, during the entire month of June the most anticipated festivities of the year take place - the "Santos Populares" (Popular Saints Fest) – which celebrates St. Anthony, Lisbon’s patron saint

These are easily the most interesting days to be in Lisbon, as parades, parties, and even wedding bells fill the streets, especially on the oldest neighborhoods, particularly Alfama, Mouraria, and Graça, which get completely decorated and turned into huge stages

During these days, and sometimes during the days leading up, locals pour out of their homes and fill the streets to dance, eat, drink, and celebrate. Bring along your family and friends, get comfortable and dance throughout the hot summer nights!

Local Tip: "When in Rome, do as the Romans do", so be sure to try the "caldo verde", "bifana", or “sardinhas”, the typical food of the festivities, together with a cold beer or portuguese wine!

Rock In Rio Music Festival

Rock in Rio is one of the best festivals in the world, and well known for having in its line-up the most famous and trendiest bands in the world! Since 2004 in Lisbon, it takes place in Bela Vista Park, where there’s plenty of green areas, and space for people to walk around and get easy access to all stages.

It's probably the best festival for families with kids, as the organization worries about the line-up choices and has well-equipped infrastructures all around the festival area, making it super family friendly. Don’t miss this opportunity to enjoy a great time with your friends or family. The "City of Rock" is waiting for you!

Local Tip: You can easily get there by Metro (just enter at any station and exit at “Bela Vista” station- see or download Lisbon’s Metro Map here.

Tickets: If you want to know more, or buy tickets, check the official website.

Web Summit Lisbon

Europe's biggest tech conference, the Web Summit, takes place in Lisbon during November. The founders, together with the Portuguese Government, announced in 2018 a 10-year partnership, to maintain the summit at Altice Arena. It gathers speakers and celebrities, from all over the world and all fields, to share their opinions and visions.

During WebSummit, Lisbon also hosts NightSummit, PubSummit and SurfSummit, allowing the participants to have fun, relax and get togheter, and with a bit of luck, meet the speakers or celebrities that are part of the Summit.

So if you have a start-up or enterprise, or you’re just an enthusiast who wants to be at the center of where ideas and the future become reality, this is the place to be!

Tickets: If you want to know more about Web Summit, or buy the tickets, check the official website

Lisbon OutJazz

The Lisbon OutJazz is a free music festival, which takes place during the weekends between May and September, across different parks and gardens all around the city. Each month the festival sets up camp in a different place, but the cool vibes don't change. From jazz to funk, soul, electronic or hip-hop, the bands and DJ's will help you to have an amazing late afternoon.

After a day of exploring, the beaches, or even shopping, Lisbon OutJazz is a great idea for everyone who wants to calm down, relax, and get a bit of fresh air. Gather your group of friends, and spend the afternoon listening to great music, enjoying a few drinks and watching the sunset in the best parks and gardens in the city.

Local Tip: To find out more and get updated, check the official Facebook or Instagram

Meo Rip Curl Pro Portugal

Portugal is well-known for its great beaches, and excellent conditions for the practice of surf. In recognition, our country was selected to host the MEO Rip Curl Pro Portugal, one of the main events of the World Surf League Championship Tour, and currently the only stage in Europe. The event is located 100km away from Lisbon, at Peniche, a fishing village with a huge beach perfect of all types of surfers.

You can relax and enjoy the sun at the beaches of Baleal, try the super fresh fish and seafood at the local restaurants and have a night out at the bars organizing great parties with cool vibes. Depending on the conditions, and if you are lucky, you can see the pros "flying" out of the world class barrels that this beach can generate!

Local Tip: You can check the official WSL website for more info at.

EDP Lisbon Marathon

EDP Lisbon Marathon is a marathon that occurs annually in October. It is part of the international circuit, and has usually the presence of the best national and international marathon runners.

It is already considered as one of the most beautiful marathons in the world by international entities such as Forbes, the Huffington Post and American Express, which elected the Lisbon Marathon as a race not to be missed. Starting in Cascais and with the finish line at Praça do Comércio in Lisbon, the entire route is along the sea and river, offering athletes and spectators a unique scenario in the world.

Local Tip: Don’t worry, if you want something less challenging and demanding you can also go for the Half or Mini Marathon.

Tickets: If you want to know more, or are coming in different dates, there are also other Races throughout the year. You can check everything at the official website.

Super Bock Super Rock Music Festival

Super Bock Super Rock music festival is one of the oldest in Lisbon. It is well-known for having a very versatile line-up. It goes from rock to hip-hop, indie and electronic on the multiple stages.

One of its differentiating factors is the location, as it takes place 35 km away from Lisbon, at Herdade do Cabeço da Flauta, near Sesimbra, in a huge area surrounded by nature, where you can camp, and hit the beach during the day, while you gather energies for the concerts later in the afternoon. It can be a bit challenging to get there for a first-timer, but don’t worry, there are plenty of buses at Praça de Espanha or Gare do Oriente that will take you directly there. If you want to enjoy the beaches, you have Meco beach 10m by car or Lagoa de Albufeira at walking distance.

Tickets: If you want to know more, or buy tickets, check the official website.

Lisbon Film Festivals

Lisbon has several interesting International Film Festivals scheduled on its annual calendar.

The most distinguished and famous is LEFFEST. It takes place between Lisbon and Sintra and already brought highly regarded directors and actors, such as Monica Belluci, William Dafoe and many others.

MOTELX is the most important terror film festival. It received accreditation from the FIAPF, being one of the few genre film festivals in the world to be part of an international network which includes renowned festivals such as Berlin, Cannes and Venice.

Entering the animated screen, you have MONSTRA. Every year the festival is held in Portugal and in several other countries, such as Brazil, Spain, France, Germany, Italy and China.

As the name implies, INDIELISBOA emerged with the intention of highlighting works that are outside the radar of the regular circulation of films.

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